Salt Den Yoga Flow — Instructor: Kelly Simmons

Increase body awareness and stamina by focusing on breath work and the principles of alignment, to create a solid foundation for a continued and/or expansive yoga practice. Inhaling the cave’s salty air will allow the absorption of allergens, toxins, and foreign substances that will then exit your system with each exhalation. The flow of yoga postures and yogic breath techniques, combined with the salt’s negative ions, will help improve your mood, balance your energy level, and reduce stress. You may also notice relief from common sinus and respiratory problems, such as allergies.

Salt Den Yoga is a one hour class that is offered each Wednesday at 6pm. All levels are welcome. Taught by Kelly Simmons from Koastal SUP Yoga.

Classes begin September 18, 2019

Space is limited. Please pre-register by calling the Salt Spa St. Augustine at (904) 814-8641 at least 12 hours before the class start time.

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