Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Still Life Organics

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-Relieves anxiety

-Relieves stress

-Promotes better sleep

-Helps with depression



-Reduces inflammation

-Reduces pain

-Natural anti-bacterial

-Reduces vomiting and nausea

-Suppresses muscle spasms

-Supports healthy immune function

-Reduces seizures and convulsions

-Inhibits cancer cell growth

-Improves cardiovascular health

-Reduces blood sugar levels

-Promotes healthy skin

You can purchase this oil in  30 ml.  bottle for $95.00

You can add it any of our massages for an additional $20.00

Scientifically formulated with 150mg full-spectrum CBD, sun grown in the USA.

Contains a complete range of cannabinoids in addition to CBD that help CBD work more effectively utilizing what is called “entourage effect”; terpenes, naturally aromatic compounds present in full-spectrum CBD, give CBD its characteristic cannabis scent while enhancing the calming benefits of CBD; hemp-derived and organically grown in Kentucky.

Helps skin absorb vital nutrients from powerful phytocannibinoids found in the cannabis sativa (hemp) plant for optimal balance and skin wellness.

The combination of 150mg full-spectrum CBD, detoxifying coconut charcoal, soothing detoxifying mild kaolin clay and skin calming essential oils will help to relieve a wide range of skin issues and restore your skins beauty.

When used regularly, this bar may help to heal and reduce stressed out skin, redness, irritation, itchy, flaky skin, dryness, improve eczema, psoriasis.

This product is non-psychoactive and does not contain THC!

This product is organic and vegan.

We offer these for only $12.99