Floating Protocol & Preparation

Please read sections A, B & C before your float session 

  Please fill up a new customer form and float disclaimer before arriving to your first visit.  All forms are available on our website and can be submitted electronically. Arrive to your appointment before scheduled time. Your  session will start and end according to the scheduled time.


A. Please refrain from scheduling an appointment if:

  1. You have spray tan or bronzing cream on.
  2. You have massage oil, hair oils and waxes. They must be thoroughly removed before floating. You have Colored hair (with an exception of blondes) that were recently applied and still bleed when rinsed. We provide swimming caps for those who are willing to float anyways to protect the color and water from being contaminated.
  3. You have open wounds, cuts, burns and abrasions on your body and have shaved or waxed the same day. 
  4. You have autoimmune or inflammatory skin conditions or communicable viral and bacterial infections of any kind.
  5. You are under the influence of drugs, alcohol or controlled substances.
  6. You suffer from epilepsy or serious  mental disorders.
  7. You are in your first trimester or high risk pregnancy.
  8. You suffer from incontinence.
  9. You are experiencing a heavy menstrual cycle.
  10. You are unable to enter/exit the tank on your own. Salt Spa staff are not licensed to lift or assist in this matter.
  11. The weight limitation is 300LBS.
  12. If you are a minor 13-17 years old unless accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.
  13. If you have kidney disease.
  14. You have a condition which maybe adversely affected by cutaneous absorption of magnesium.
  15. You are diabetic, unless cleared by your physician.


B. How to prepare for floating

  1. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment.  Your float will start exactly at the time scheduled and end 60 minutes later. Late arrival will affect the length of time desginated for your appointment.
  2. Do not consume a large meal or consume caffeine at least 2 hours before your scheduled float time.
  3. Remove your contact lens, hair pieces and all jewelry before your float session.
  4. Please take a through shower before entering float pod. This is a mandatory step in the float process. Thoroughly remove  oils, creams, makeup, conditioners, voluminizers and organic material from your body and hair as it may cause adverse chemical reaction with pool water. Clean skin absorbs the vital minerals from Epsom salt making it most beneficial.
  5. Please use the disposable earplugs provided or bring your own wax plugs. Wax earplugs work better for most people. Earplugs prevent salt water from entering the ear canal. When water dries, salt will become encrusted into the ear canal. Please flush out your ears after floating and use q-tips to remove remaining moisture.
  6. Using a disposable shower cap is highly recommended to avoid salty hair from dripping into your eyes.
  7. Do not leave cap or ear plugs inside float tank as it could damage the engine.
  8. It is strictly prohibited to add anything (oils, fragrances, bath salts, conditioners, soap,ect) to the float tank.
  9. The filtration system and lights turn off at the beginning of your float. The session ends with the filtration bubbles coming back on. Please remember this is not a Jacuzzi and water in the tank is completely calm.
  10. Exit the tank. shower and rinse off. Gather your belongings and proceed to the powder room. Please remember we have sessions scheduled following so we ask you leave the room in a timely manner.
  11. Be mindful that the floors might be wet during your float. Please walk carefully. For safety reasons, guests are strictly prohibited to leave float room with wet feet.
  12. We provide hairdryers, lotions and cotton swabs. We do not provide hair combs/brushes.


C. How to operate the float tank

  1. Smoking, vaping and usage of any fire source is strictly prohibited due to the presence of ozone.
  2. All electronic devices must be silenced and are not recommenced in a room.
  3. You are in control of the tank at all times. If you have any questions, please use intercom system inside of a tank to ask for assistance. We will be happy to adjust whatever is  necessary  for your comfort and enjoyment.
  4. The water temperature stays a constant 95 degrees F (same temperature as body’s surface) and may be too cool for some individuals. Please let us know if you get cold easily and we can adjust the temperature before your float. When you close the tank lid, the temperature becomes same as water temperature. If you feel too hot or are claustrophobic you can lift the lid during your float.
  5. Depending on the anxiety level of an individual, full sensory deprivation may be too much during the first float experience. Some stimuli like lights or music can be adjusted to meet your needs and quiet the mind.
  6. Inside the tank there are three air buttons. The flat white button controls the music, the protruding button control the tank light and the black/red button is our two-way intercom system. The light button controls the color therapy. Each time you press the button, the color will change.
  7. For the first time floaters, we have several floating head supports to choose from. We encourage full flotation experience, where no neck noodle is used. Lights and music turned off. It is amazing when your ears are submerged under the water and you can hear your own heart beating.