About Sauna

At Salt Spa St.Augustine we offer the private suite equipped with industries safest and most technologically advanced sauna on the market. Our Sunlighten sauna is constructed with the safest  solo carbon 3-1 sauna heaters, that can provide all three wavelengths in one place. Besides heat therapy, we offer during each session color/light and acoustic resonance therapy free from high levels of electromagnetic fields (EMF) so common in many infrared saunas. The sauna suite is equipped with a private shower, perfect for mid session cool downs for added benefit. 


Infrared versus Traditional Saunas

In traditional sauna heated rocks and steam warm up the air, which can become extremely hot and uncomfortable making it hard to breathe.

Infrared saunas work differently. The far, mid and near infrared light waves penetrate deep into the muscle tissue working on a cellular level. This provides a much better detox than a traditional sauna. You will feel less hot and breathing is much easier than a traditional sauna.

The infrared heater emits light, which is experienced as heat. It is the invisible part of the sun’s spectrum with the ability to penetrate the surface of the skin, which gives your body overall radiant warmth that heats from inside out rather than outside in.

In our Sunlighten sauna you’ll experience the deepest, most detoxifying sweat of your life. Your health is calling!