Sauna Pricing


30 minute session- $30

40 minute session-$40

Five Session Package- $180

10 Session Package-$320

$10 robe rental 


Relax and Recover Session (NO Sauna)

Acoustic Resonance Therapy, Chromotherapy and Aromatherapy -30 minute session-$25

This is wonderful for those who do not wish to get hot but want to experience the therapeutic effects of the other therapies the sauna room has to offer. We suggest wearing comfortable attire. 






Must be used during the same visit! We charge a $10 robe rental or you may bring your own white robe. 
Salt Spa St. Augustine has a 24 hour cancellation policy. In the event we do not receive notice for appointment adjustments, cancellations or no-shows, your appointment is subject to a cancellation fee.