Salt Cave FAQ


How long is the session?
Every session lasts 45 minutes. We offer private and public sessions.

What should I wear?
Regular comfortable clothes (long sleeve shirts and pants); attire which would be appropriate for a public place. Also, you cannot wear shoes in our Salt Cave. We provide shoe/foot covers or you can bring fresh, white socks. No bare feet allowed. Please bring socks for children as well.

What is the temperature in the cave?
The air temperature is 69F˚, humidity is less than 50%. There is no steam and you will not sweat during the session. Makeup will remain perfect. If you should feel chilly we provide blankets.

What do I do during the session?
During your 45-minute therapeutic session you will improve your health and mood by breathing air that is saturated with beneficial minerals, while relaxing in comfortable recliners, listening to soothing music, and experiencing chromotherapy. We live and work in artificial environments that are depleted of negative ions and thus detrimental to our health. Our cave emits negative ions from its 20 tons of salt ultimately benefiting our well being.

Can I bring a child with me?
There is no age limit for Salt Therapy. The youngest client was one month old! However, we offer separate sessions for children where they are not expected to remain quiet. Children must be accompanied by parents and reservations are required!

What is a public or private session?
We can accommodate up to 9 people in each public or private session. When you schedule as part of a public session you will be in the salt cave with other people. For an extra charge you can schedule a private session and have the entire room just for you and your party, this may include children.

Do I need to make a reservation for a Salt Therapy session?
We strongly recommend that you schedule an appointment due to limited seating. However walk-ins are still welcomed. Please always specify how many people are coming with you and if any are under the age of 12. Ages 12 and under may be scheduled in a children/family session. Reservations for children are required! To schedule an appointment please call us at 904-814- 8641.

What is the size of the Salt Cave?
Our Salt Cave is 400sq. ft. and very spacious but there are no windows. If you are claustrophobic please visit us to take a look at the room before you schedule your appointment.

Can I bring something to drink?
No drinks are allowed in the Salt Cave. If you have any health conditions and you must have something to drink please bring only bottled water. No cups, no coffee, no soda. Also, we have a water dispenser in the waiting room and you are more than welcome to have a drink before and after the session. You can also leave the Salt Cave at any time.

Why do I have to arrive 15 minutes before the session?
Since we must start our session exactly on the hour it is very important that everyone arrive early enough to sign the disclaimer, use the restroom and change their shoes. If you arrive late and the salt therapy session was started, you cannot take part in the session. If you booked a private session, we will start the session whenever your group is ready but your session will end at the originally scheduled time so the following session may begin on time.

Is credit card information required to hold any appointments?
Credit card information is required to reserve your appointment. We have a 24 hour cancellation policy. Please call the spa at (904) 814-8641 to cancel your appointment. If a client does not provide sufficient cancellation notice we will charge the credit card $20 for missed cave or sauna appointment or $25 for missed float.

Can I bring a book to read, computer or cell phone?
We do not allow any personal belongings in the Salt Cave. Our goal is to keep everybody away from any distractions, clear their mind and relax.