Float Tank Therapy

Salt Spa of Saint Augustine provides the natural healing elements of float tank salt therapy used by health professionals and top athletes worldwide.

Step into one of Salt Spa of Saint Augustine’s private floating tanks filled with less than a foot of warm soothing water and saturated with almost 1,000 pounds of Epsom salt. Lay back and you will be floating effortlessly in this truly relaxing environment designed to created relaxation, reduce stress while proving the healing properties of salt water skin therapy.

Float Tank Salt Therapy increases energy, eases stress and reduces pain:

Floating in body temperature water, that is highly concentrated with a solution of Epsom salts will releasing muscle tension, decompress the spine, relax stiff achy joints and help to relieve chronic pain. Floating in this womb-like environment lowers stress hormones, replenishes neurotransmitters, and releases endorphins, which induces ultra-deep relaxation and provides a zen-like afterglow of increased energy that can last for days. Float Tank Salt Therapy is a wonderful way to accelerate the body’s ability to heal itself from the effects of stress, intense physical workouts, late-nights, or over stimulation.

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Float Tank at Salt Spa