Curative Powers of Salt


There are only a few special places in the world, where the curative powers of salt are found. You can now experience the therapeutic benefits of salt right here, in St.Augustine at Salt Spa.


Feel the power of a rich salt microclimate, and immerse yourself in the energy of 25,000 tons of natural Himalayan and Polish crystal salt from the ocean dating back to 250 million years ago.


 The cave has a high microbiological cleanliness free from fungi, pollen, bacteria and dust mites since salt does not allow these growths to occur.


The Salt Cave microclimate influences our body’s cellular osmolarity in the nasal passageways. When salt particles are inhaled, they will fall on the airway linings and draw water into the airway, thinning mucus which activates self-cleaning. This makes breathing much easier and people feel better almost immediately. At the same time, the salt crystals are absorbed into the layers of the skin and bind moisture there. The presence of sodium ions is essential for muscle contractions, including the most important muscle, the heart. Salt is important for removing the acidity from brain cells to make the brain function better.


Rest, recover, relax and take charge of your health!

The unique climate of our salt cave is attributed to many factors.

 The unique air composition containing salt aerosol and 84 ionized micro elements.

 Water towers disperse an aerosol containing rare, naturally iodized salt from Bochnia, Poland.

 There is isolation from outside atmosphere.

 There is a reduction of electromagnetic radiation, due to a unique negative ion environment in the cave.

 The cave is maintained in a stable climate condition with low air temperature of 69 degrees and 60% humidity.