About Salt Spa

Relax – Recover – Recharge

Salt Spa St. Augustine is a unique halotherapy wellness spa, providing a one-of-a-kind, stress free, therapeutic environment that promotes wellness, relaxation and healing for the body, mind and spirit. Since the days of Egypt’s Queen Cleopatra, salt therapies have provided stress relief and healing benefits to sufferers of many different respiratory and skin ailments, by using the restorative powers of salt. 

Salt Spa of Saint Augustine uses salt therapies developed as a drug-free treatment by scientists and researchers to help clients with skin and respiratory ailments like allergies, asthma, bronchitis, colds and flu, emphysema, rhinitis, sinusitis, dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, and many, many more. We bring the once-inaccessible natural healing properties of salt treatment therapy to our clients.

Salt Spa of Saint Augustine Services

Himalayan Salt Cave Therapy 

Healing the body from the inside out, you will relax and breathe easy with this zen-like salt treatment. Breathe in the naturally ionized salt air and refresh the lungs with this clarifying treatment making it a great place to unwind and meditate: all you have to do is sit, relax and breathe listening to a beautiful calming music and paired with light therapy (chromo therapy) We follow a therapeutic  model of world famous  subterranean hospital in Wieliczka Poland .

Float Tank Salt Therapy 

The only floating spa of its kind, this private salt bathing experience is luxurious and invigorating. Our salt therapy float tanks soothe sore muscles and aches, gently exfoliate the skin, and leave the body and mind deeply relaxed.

Infrared Sauna with Acoustic Resonance Therapy

The sauna room serves to enhance all of your senses. It is equipped with chromotherapy (light therapy), sound therapy and aromatherapy. The sauna surrounds your body with soothing, relaxing heat waves, and the acoustic resonance speakers envelop you with harmonic energy; it’s like getting a simultaneous massage and sauna. Tune out the stress, worry and noise, and tune in to a musical body/mind massage experience that relaxes, inspires and refreshes you.

A Dream Come True

Beata Kosakowska Founder of Salt Spa St.Augustine

My American dream began in 1986 while living in New York City. I managed a large jewelry company and owned a successful catering business which was exclusive to the medical and pharmaceutical industry. During this time, I learned how the U.S medical system focuses on treating illness through a symptoms-only approach. The pharmaceutical industry controls drug sales, which are paramount, leaving no room for incorporating natural therapies to treat patients.

I was born and raised in Poland in a medical family. My father was an E.N.T doctor specializing in the treatment of respiratory disorders, infections and allergies. For almost 50 years, he passionately dedicated himself to treating patients using both conventional and alternative approaches. In many cases, the alternative approach was more effective long term, and without the common side effects of prescription drugs. In Poland, and the rest of Europe alike, the holistic approach is an integral part of regular health care, and a way of life for thousands of people.

My family background sparked my interest in natural therapies, which resulted in me writing my college graduation thesis on “Curative Powers of Natural Spas in Poland.” Opening Salt Spa St. Augustine, the first 5-star halotherapy (salt therapy) health resort in Florida, is a dream come true. I was inspired by the world famous Polish Wieliczka Salt Mine, which introduced halotherapy to western civilization. The Wieliczka mine has a proven therapeutic effectiveness since over 700 years. Today, the mine features a subterranean hospital run by the Polish Ministry of Health. It is a phenomenon of science, engineering, history and deep faith in God of people that build it, for which it was placed on UNESCO’s first list of  most amazing natural places in the world.

Wellness and relaxation is highly prominent in European culture. Salt Spa St. Augustine looks forward to welcoming our guests by introducing the European philosophies of natural wellness, relaxation, and the therapeutic power of salt.

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